The Separation Of Student And Teacher Essay

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Chapter One
In chapter one, the concept of the separation of student and teacher is introduced as a very important characteristic of distance learning. The author presents the use of technology to bring education to everyone, no matter the location of the student. Distance education itself will change the way education is packaged and delivered to students. Though for remote learning to be successful, the technology used, must be easy for both the instructor and student. Distance education using telecommunications technologies to provide is an exciting emerging field. Though one should not rely on this type of technology as a solution to remedy the ills of education. The authors suggest, distance education specialists should strive to “understand technology and technological approaches that make the experiences of distant and local learners positive and equivalent”.
Chapter Two
Due to distance education being such a new way of reaching students all over the world, there are still aspects that are unknown to those who implement this type educational approach. Researcher and specialist in the distance education field have not agreed on a definition or theory of how to properly apply the practice of distance education. In chapter two, authors discuss the challenges of change within distance education with the influence of new technologies, globalization, and new ideas about remote learning and instruction.
While distance education is still evolving, many definitions of…

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