The Separation Of Race And Gender Essay

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Race and gender are usually questioned whether they exist, exist as natural kind, or exist as products of the society. In this paper, I will talk about Nagel and Wilkes’ ideas on personhood, and how they are related to natural kinds. Then, I will present and compare between Haslanger and Sveinsdottir’s accounts on gender and between Mills and Spencer’s account on race. Finally, I will explain why race and gender can’t cease to exist.
At the beginning, we should know that thought experiments are used in discussions about personal identity because there are cases that we can’t investigate empirically. For example, Derek Parfit suggests a case that we separate a person brain’s two hemispheres and place them into two distinct bodies without brains. Then, he makes a discussion about the problem that whether the two new people are the same as the original one. As a result, we can see that even though the technological progress of this age might not be able for the case to happen empirically, it can still be plausible for others to investigate the case by reason.
However, in the cases of Thomas Nagel and Kathleen Wilkes, they both use empirical cases to support their conclusion that there is more than one person in a body. Nagel uses the result of split brain case experiments to conclude that the mind is not a single, unified thing, since each hemisphere of the brain has can function independently when the corpus callosum, which helps the two hemisphere communicate, is taken off…

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