The Sense Of Loneliness In Desert Places By Robert Frost

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At some point in life, every person feels a sense of loneliness, whether it be for an extended period of time or simply feeling out of place. It seems as if when one feels lonely, the world appears to reflect this discomfort too. It is easy to get in a rut of seeing only the blankness of the environment surrounding. In Robert Frost’s poem, “Desert Places”, Frost creates a winter setting that reflects the narrator’s own sense of loneliness and insignificance of individual lives. The poem begins by setting the dusk winter landscape with “snow falling and night falling fast, oh, fast” (Frost 1). The entire first stanza describes the cold weather and the darkening field surrounding the narrator. It is as if the light snow and darkness of the night …show more content…
The blank, white snow surrounding the speaker reflects his own emptiness “With no expression, nothing to express” (Frost 12). The reiteration of the word “lonely” is almost painful and draws to our attention the true emptiness of the narrator and leaves the reader feeling sympathetic towards the disparity of the speaker. The caesura in the middle of the stanza coveys the narrators attempt to shift the focus from himself back to the bleak landscape around him. The personification of the snow “With no expression” serves as a way to describe the narrator’s true emotions and need to relate to the “benighted” snow around him. The separation between the first person used and then the third person used emphasizes how the speaker is complete separated from the world and his own feelings. As the narrator goes on the mention that the snow “With no expression, nothing to express”, he is saying the snow has no true meaning, yet the speaker finds an emotional connection between the “blanker whiteness” of the snow and his own “absent-spirit” (Frost 7, …show more content…
The visual imagery used throughout correlates with the tone and paints a picture of the emptiness and aloneness felt by the speaker. The poem is wrote in blank verse which can show how raw and true the narrators thoughts are wrote down and makes it more relatable and personal to the reader since it is how most people speak and think. The poem “Desert Places” is a beautiful work of nature, man, and the meaning of life. Frost’s creation of the realization that each person has the ability to give meaning to their life is relatable and an important part of self growth and

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