Essay on The Send Off By Wilfred Owen

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• The Send-off is a poem written by Wilfred Owen where he addresses the cruelty of war and how soldiers who returned home were alienated from society. Owen also feels that it is horrific to have celebrations while these young men go to battle
• Wilfred Owen was an officer in World War I, who was sent to a hospital because he suffered from "shellshock". There, he met poet Siegfried Sassoon, who played a part in influencing him to write poetry about war and the suffering of soldiers. He later returned to the war, where he was killed.
Opening Statement and Title
• The Send-off expresses Owen 's thoughts that young men were sent off to war without knowing the truth of the horrors that they were going to face. He condemns authorities for keeping the soldiers uninformed and innocent of the true horrors of war.
• Through the use of the structure of the poem, rhetorical devices and figurative language, Owen conveys his message that the soldiers that were placed into horrific wars did not have any knowledge of the cruelty of war before being a part of it: they enlisted for the wrong reasons and were often alienated in society if they returned home
• The title of this poem seems to have a positive connotation, without knowing the context of the poem, the send-off could represent hope and a new beginning for example, sending someone off for a positive trip.. However, when the context of the poem is known, readers can tell that Owen is talking about the horrors young…

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