The Self Mind And Its Effect On Our Mind Essay

1893 Words Oct 24th, 2014 null Page
In two minds!

We all take in information through our senses at an immeasurable rate of data, streaming into our minds like a super computer. All of the senses pick up a different perspective of the data and information and stores it, uses it or deletes it in a fraction of a second. In order to be creative you need to practice the conscious thought process and awareness of the situation and environment that you are in, in any one particular time!

Our conscious mind is used in our daily decision making process and it keeps us occupied with what to do, and when we do it. With the conscious mind being in the now, thinking about the short term things we are doing and organising, the capacity is somewhat limited in the amount of memory it can handle or recall at any given point. This short-term memory limits its processing capacity, although not in a bad way, as we can’t fill our consciousness with every single detail we have entered into our head. Instead, it will deal with things with a get-them-in-get-them-out type basis, so we can function according to our physiology.

The main powers of the conscious mind are logic and reason. It can be this logic and reason that may be stopping you from believing that you can be successful in whatever you chose. Along with the senses as we know them, smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing, our conscious mind is in charge of our calculated judgment and conscious state. Generally we will use this part of our mind to think about our…

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