Essay The Selection Process For Music Teachers

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The following assessments can be used in the selection process for Music Teachers in Middle Grades: structured interview, cognitive abilities test, and personality inventories. These assessments should target certain job related KSAOs, like the following: knowledge of teaching methods, ability to communicate information to students, knowledge of music including specific knowledge of each instrument and general music knowledge, ability to manage confidential information, excellent musical skills on primary instrument as well as sufficient skills on other instruments, strong interpersonal skills, ability to work well with other teachers and parents. This is not a comprehensive list of KSAOs, but those included will serve as examples to determine useful types of assessment. According to Cascio and Aguinis, highly structured interviews have a higher upper limit of validity (.67) than unstructured interviews (.34), therefore structured interviews should be used (2011, p. 269). These interviews should target KSAOs that relate to communication skills or knowledge related to the job. The same questions should be asked in each interview to improve reliability of the assessment. An oral version of a Situational Judgement Test (SJT) can be included in the interview by asking applicants how they would respond to hypothetical situations. Situational interviews yield high validity (.43) and are resistant to race and gender bias (p. 277). An example of this is asking an applicant how they…

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