The Segregation Of Black Codes Essay

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During the nineteenth century, things weren’t so great for blacks in the South, not saying things were ever good for them in previous years because it wasn’t. Whites in the South really didn’t care for people of color, they didn’t want them to have the same privileges or anything that whites had for that matter. As a result, they came up with something called the Jim Crow system, changing the lives of blacks. Before the age of Jim Crow, slavery made its mark on both blacks and whites. It influenced the relations between them for more than a century in giving whites the reassurance that they were superior to blacks. As years progressed, life didn’t get any better for blacks. In the 1860s, after the Civil War, laws were passed in the South that restricted former slaves’ rights and they called those laws, Black Codes. Black codes basically restored the elements of slavery for former slaves because those laws specifically focused on blacks throughout the South in limiting their freedom, landownership, and specific job qualifications; they were only allowed to work in agriculture or domestic service. Also, if the former slaves didn’t have a signed work contract and being that they were free blacks, they could be arrested for vagrancy. However, they would have to pay a fine rather be held in jail for months at a time. Since those free blacks that were arrested didn’t have jobs they weren’t able to pay off their fine, so instead they would be auctioned off each week for labor to…

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