The Security Market And The Capital Market Line

In capital asset pricing model capital market line is used to define the rate of return for the portfolio efficiency. Efficient portfolio depends on the risk free rate of return and risk level for the specific portfolio. It is tangent line draw from the intercept point on the capable point to the point where both risk free rate of return and expected rate of returns becomes equal.
Market portfolio and risk free asset coalitions consequences form the capital market line. port All points on the CML have superior risk-return profiles to any portfolio on the economical frontier, with the exception of the Market Portfolio, the purpose on the economical frontier to that the CML is that the tangent. In fact, the slope of the CML is that the Sharpe
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The nominal rate which is risk is the intercept offered for the market, whereas the slope is that the market premium, E(Rm)− Rf. The SML is termed to be representing a single-factor model of the plus value, wherever Beta is exposure to changes in price of the Market. The equation of the SML is so Relationship between the Security Market and the Capital Market line
In Capital asset pricing model it is assumption that securities should price reasonably. The returns will be produced if the price of security is fair. These returns will appropriate for the risk that it creates. Security will plot as expected return aginst the σ of returns means total risk. And in case of SML it will draw as expected return against the beta the systemic risk.
If a security contrive on crest or above the Capital Market Line or Security Market Line. The returns created by the security will too high for the risk it presents. It means that security is underpriced.
For example
Suppose that a security is priced at $10 and is earning $1 when, in step with its risk it ought to be earning a 5 percent return back. A return of $1.00 is 5% of $20, that the security have to to be priced at $20: the security
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When the security graph is under the capital market line or security market line and the returns from security will excessively little for the risks it consider.
Individual systematic risk’s (Beta) expected return of a security is characterize by SML. On other side Capital market line signify the return of portfolio as a utility of St D.
If we talk in the favour of the capital asset pricing model it is comparatively simple and easy. We can easily calculate the security required rate of return which helps investor to calculate the risk level. In CAPM the relation between the security risk and return is linear. If the risk is higher the expected return will be high (Blanchard, 2014).
If we talk about against the Capital Asset pricing model of its drawbacks. Its assumptions will first come in mind because they are unrealistic. Like totally risk free security which is difficult to find. Second point is about Beta because its value always changes. It doesn’t remain constant for a time period.
Because of the deficiencies of capital asset pricing model a substitute method is also recommended. The APT arbitrage pricing theory. It has assumption that no reward on unsystematic risk. Investors will receive return only on systematic return.
In APT the Expected rate of return is given

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