Essay about The Secret Window Movie Analysis

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The Secret Window movie is a 2004 American psychological thriller which displays the issue of split personality of the main character. In the movie the writer Mort Rainey played by Johnny Depp is going through a divorce from his spouse. He moves to upstate New York to his cabin to be alone. Rainey is trying to stay mentally healthy but instead he is being harassed by John Shooter who claims Rainey plagiarized his work. Rainey ignores the strange man at first but then a series of events start to occur. Rainey believes that Shooter is behind everything that is going on and is unaware of his actions. He then realizes that Shooter is not real and it is him and Shooter usually comes out when alcohol is involved. Rainey then remembers everything he did like killing the neighbor and the investigator and burning his ex-wife’s (Amy) house down. He also remembers killing his wife and burying the body. The character displays split personality, which is also known as Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) it’s a chronic emotional illness in which the person has two or more distinct personalities. The type of personalities that the sufferer of DID makes consist of what Freud calls the id and superego. When Rainey catches his wife in bed with another man he screams grabs his head and walks away this shows how Rainey doesn’t want to accept his reality. The movie also shows us how he withdraws from society by moving away to a cabin. After six…

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