Reconstruction After Civil War

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Before the Civil War had finalized, politicians of Northern were making reconstruction plans for the Confederate States. Reconstruction the process by that separated states were to re-join back into the unions were a tough process for the United States for couple reasons. First of all, civil rights had to be assured for the freed slaves, against Southern parts; and secondly, the Union needed to become reunited as soon as possible, also with as little punishment to the Southern as possible. Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson have made great and quick progress to reunite the Union as rapidly as possible, but unnoticed black rights in the process. Radical Republicans in Congress has took over the Reconstruction the Blacks had more civil rights …show more content…
Nevertheless, after the Republicans took control of the Reconstruction, harsher punishments was come face to face on the Southern states to make them agree with new legislations protecting blacks. In many Southern states, governments were established till the states agreed the terms of re-join into the Union. Included acceptance of the 14th and 15th Amendments, undertaking the right of citizenship and vote to black American males. Moreover, the Radical Republicans have begun the first United States prosperity agency, the Freedman’s Bureau, clothing, education for freed slaves and proving food. In spite of their good intentions, however, Bureau failed to set up the freed slaves as landholders. Many southerners at the time agreed the Radical Republican predominated Congress was overly rigid to former Confederate states, these were not the case; passing harsh legislations and impressive government was the only way to warranty the Blacks rights midst the inexhaustible discrimination of the South. The Congress have had the best attention in mind for the security of the previous slaves and for the prospective future of the country.
Even if Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, and Congress had different and diverse approaches to reconstructing the South, it is obvious evident which the main target of the Reconstruction process was to protect the civil rights of freedmen and to strengthen the political view and gains of the freshly establish the nation. The Reconstruction faced more opposition, discrimination and criticism during the 1860s – 1870s; however, they were able to make noble bestrides in the defense of numerous Black

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