The Second Socio Emotional Issue That The Boy Is Experiencing A Relationship With Peers

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An adolescent might seek advice, attention or care from a family member (Paley, 2000) but might not be able to express this to them. At this stage parents must play a crucial role in overall development of an adolescent by giving them a patient ear, acting as friends to them, listening to every thing a child has to say, appreciating the good decisions and giving them a valuable advice over bad ones and most importantly encourage them to act honestly and efficiently by not imposing their will over an adolescent. As adolescence identities are formed it is a very sensitive time and parents need to be aware of their relationship with their child (Gill, 2008). Lack of communication and involvement with an adolescent child can cause harm to the child parent relationship and can impact negatively on the development of the adolescent (Pearce et al., 2005).

The third socio-emotional issue that the boy is experiencing is a developing a relationship with peers. Adolescents are critical and careful about their discussions and talks and they tend to learn problem solving techniques from the surroundings “sometimes punch things, for no reason like a pillow or a wall or just the air. I don 't talk to anyone about it. I can vent it and deal with it myself most of the time” (Pollack, 2010). . There are variations in the emotions and feelings regarding the outside world. They tend to detach a bit from their family and wanting to spend most of the time in the friends group selected. They…

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