The Second Great Awakening Essay

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I agree with this statement due to the facts that everyone who had different races and classes got to experience the freedom they deserve, with the fact that it was a big step towards the freedom that we have today. During the 1800s many people were conservative, only thinking about rich old white men who were the only ones able to vote at the time due to the fact that they could own land, but as years went by and the civil war past it began to changed the set of mind that the government had by changing their laws and opening their horizons in a world were only money could talk.
The second Great Awakening started with the economic situation that America was currently facing, they no longer had control over the economy and people notice that the only control they had over was religion. This also led to a serious of religious revivals to swept over the United States, and one of the largest denominations were Congregationalist – they were the descendants of the Puritan churches, Anglicans, and Quakers and by the 1800s Evangelical Methodism and Baptists were becoming the fastest growing religions in the nation. Religion had become a freedom that all Americans could enjoy and that didn’t exclude African Americans or women since they were viewed as spiritually equal beings, and this lead for them to be more involve in church.
Transcendentalism is a very formal word that describes a very simple idea, were people (men and women) equally have knowledge about themselves and the world…

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