The Scottsboro Boys And The American Communist Party Essay

1573 Words Nov 10th, 2015 null Page
In what initially began as a case of whites versus blacks, the Scottsboro trial soon escalated into a trial of capitalists versus communists and a repeat of the common battles between Jews and Gentiles and North battling South. The Scottsboro boys morphed into pawns for battles where the outcome had little to do with them. Organizations fought over the fame of defending the unjustly accused nine Scottsboro boys. Through much perseverance, the American Communist Party received complete compliance from all of the nine defendants. Unfortunately, the Scottsboro boys had no idea of the legal and social battle they had become involved in and how they would be utilized as rallying cries for political agendas. In an effort to achieve and support political platforms, the American Communist Party exploited the lives of the nine Scottsboro boys. The American Communist Party disregarded the humanity of the Scottsboro boys and instead employed them as innate stories for their cause. The Party blatantly glorified themselves as a communist savior to a typical capitalist injustice, not humanitarians interested in saving nine boys. The Communists built the African American stance upon economics, not equality. The Communists believed African Americans were another typical example of the corrupt capitalist system (Carter 63). The economic centered view on African Americans illustrates the American Communist Party’s unconcern for the lives of the nine Scottsboro defendants. The party publicly…

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