The Scopes Trial, Women 's Suffrage And Behavior, And The American Film Industry

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During the 1920s, many events had taken place that have impacted American culture to this day. Some of these events include: the 1925 Scopes Trial, women’s suffrage and behavior, and the American film industry, too. The Scopes Trial brought about debates on evolution in schools, women’s rights are becoming more equal to those of men, and a revolution has begun in the American film industry. All of these events have had a lingering effect on how the American culture is today, and without them, things would probably be a lot different. Before the 1920s, most of the films created were based out of New york or New Jersey, and it was very rare for films to be shot anywhere else. Because of California’s warm year round weather and cheap land, many of the filmmakers had started to migrate West; the place they went to was known as Hollywood. As the 1920s had begun, Hollywood was prospering. Most, if not all, films were created there; it had become one of the most well-known film cities in the world. Hollywood had started to flourish in America and became the nation’s fifth leading industry. Another thing that had started to rise was the attendance rates at movies. Before the 1920s, movie entertainment was not very popular in America. The reason behind the spike in attendance was the increase in luxury at the movie theaters; they went from original neighborhood buildings, to buildings with comfortable chairs, velvet curtains, and nice carpets. There was a significant change in…

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