Essay on The Science Behind Athletes Overcoming Challenges

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Continuing the Race
In sport culture, many experts have studied the science behind athletes overcoming challenges. During the study of the Holocaust, survivors are seen to have PTSD and a lack of will to survive. Multiple historians realized that two of the survivors were different from the rest. Many people who survived the holocaust did not thrive during the rest of their lives, but Ben Helfgott and Alfred Nakache went on to become Olympic athletes.
Athletes are often viewed specially because of their intense determination. They often beat themselves up in order to overcome what they think they can do. Breaking this threshold nearly always requires the overcoming of adversity. In sports psychology, when an athlete “not only makes it through [his] adversity, but acquires additional protective factors in the process”, he has undergone what is known as “resilient reintegration” (Galli, Nick, and Robin S. Vealey 318). This is especially the case when “an athlete returns with a greater appreciation of sport or a stronger work ethic than before” (319). According to exercise and sport scientist Galli’s study, athletes who overcame adversity were ninety percent more capable to cope well with future adversities and perform “well in both sport and in life” (320). It is no surprise that people who have overcome adversities in their past are better suited to overcome them again. What is a surprise is how far this truly goes. In fact, this study shows that athletes who have…

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