The School Discipline System Being Used At Gresham Essay

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Topic 1:

• The school discipline system being used at Gresham is strict and they follow it very closely. If there are minor infractions like classroom disturbances, harassment, horseplay, public displays of affection, etc. the student will first get a verbal warning. Then a teacher will write a discipline referral note that must go home with them for their parents/guardians to sign. In this situation the student may also get in-team isolation. The third offense will lead to the teacher writing an office referral and contacting their parents/guardians. The minor infractions like bringing drugs or weapons the school grounds and fighting will lead to 4 days of out of school suspension if the first offense. The second offense will lead to 8-10 days of OSS. There is also long term suspension which is longer than four days. If a student is suspended for more than four consecutive days the following meetings will be scheduled in the order given: hearing notification, I.E.P. team, and disciplinary hearing.

• The general education teachers follow the above school discipline system. The special education teachers follow a different behavior management system. A student in a special education classroom may earn 0-100 block points per day. The number of points earned that day will determine the level and privileges that student has the next day. The student will earn points based on rule groups, individual goals, and paperwork. The three rule groups are following directions, positive…

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