Observation Of Student Behavior In High School

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54% of the students (309 students) qualify for free or reduced lunch. 64% of the students are white (372 students), while 26% are Native American (153 students); the remaining percentage is made of Hispanic and 2 or more races. There are 76 students in the exceptional children program, which is 15% of our population and just over the state average which is 12. 5%, and 61 students in the AIG program. Our school district has grown by almost 200 students in the past year. The school has 59 certified teachers. Of the 49 teachers, 33 are female and 16 are male. There are no Native American teachers and 2 Hispanic teachers. 15 teachers are Swain High graduates. This does not proportionally reflect the cultural diversity that exists within our students. …show more content…
I observed the halls during class, during class changes and during lunch. Last year students wandered the halls. In recent visits to the high school very few students are in the halls during class sessions. Students ate their lunch on the carpet in unauthorized areas and did not follow the directions of teachers when asked to move away from the area. I have yet to see a student out of the cafeteria eating. Hats inside the building were a constant battle the last few years but I have not seen a single student with a hat on inside the building this year. When I interviewed the teachers I asked, “How did you win those battles?” One teacher remarked, “Mr. Sale and Mr. Phillips worked with a few teachers over the summer to develop a better student handbook. It was much more concise and easier to understand. At the beginning of the year they told us that if we wanted discipline to be better at the high school they (the principals) had to have help and they expected teachers to be out in the halls supervising students when class was not in session. They told us if we would do our job they would make sure there was follow through. And they have done that. They support us and we see that our efforts and their follow through has helped change a the behaviors of students.” Through observations in the classroom I have seen some fascinating and innovative technology use. Swain High is now 100% 1 to 1, every student in the school has a laptop. A few teachers are maximizing this by videoing their lessons or creating power points with the expected content knowledge for the given lesson. They then have more time to do hands on learning, group discussions, and applied knowledge activities. Students are engaged. The general attitude of the teachers and staff is better. I see lots more people smiling, teachers are interacting with each other and there is a sense of enthusiasm. This school year we have added required lesson plans, which

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