Examples Of Positive Reinforcement In Classroom Management

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In the class I observe, the classroom management is nothing like an ordinary classroom you would go into. In a special education class, you will never know what is going to happen next. There are not many rules posted on the walls or written anywhere. When the students misbehave or do not follow the rules, a teacher will verbally tell the student not to repeat that action. The students do not understand right from wrong. There are not many consequences when a child misbeahves in the classroom. If they are acting out the teacher usually tells them to either go in the sensory room to calm down or put their head on their desk. If they are constantly misbehaving and not changing their attitude, the teacher will then warn the student they will not be able to have their own free time. There is a lot of positive reinforcement in the classroom. One of the students will receive a cheese ball whenever he finishes …show more content…
All of the teachers get along great with the students. The teachers constantly are verbally interacting with the students. The teachers will always use postive words towards the students. For example, after each stuident does a problem correctly the teacher will always complement them on their hardwork. Whenever something goes wrong, the teacher will always talk it out with the student. In my opinion, the bond between the teachers and the students is great. I believe if the teachers and the students get along, the learning environment goes a lot smoother. When it comes to non-verbal cues, things can get a little hectic. The students give the teachers a lot of hugs and smiles. There are times where a student may get overwhelmed and begin to hit the teacher or pull their hair. This action can be either overly excited or angry. The teachers never take it personaly because the students cannot help it sometimes. These actions can lead to an ineffective learning environment because it takes time away from

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