Essay on The Scarlet Letter By William Shakespeare

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The Scarlet Letter tells the tale of a woman named Hester Prynne, who has an illegitimate child, Pearl, with one of Boston’s well-known ministers, Arthur Dimmesdale. Set in Puritan New England in the 1700s, the environment encircles the Puritan beliefs as well as the Puritan government. Caught by the town when her pregnancy starts to show, Hester is sentenced to prison time and public humiliation for her adultery. As she raises Pearl she encounters her eccentric behavior and wild actions in stride as she has difficulties establishing just punishments for her. Over the course of the novel, Pearl develops into a main character, daringly questions the townspeople, and leads Hester away from evil, which increases her significance in the novel. In the beginning of the novel, Pearl is a strange child that is rather wild and does not get along with other children her age. She scares others off when they make a scene about Hester’s scarlet letter and her sin, which supports the governor’s idea that Pearl is a demon-child. Hester is worried the governor will take her away because she acts so wildly and does not take her biblical knowledge seriously. For example, when she accompanies her mother to the governor’s home and a minister asks her who made her, she replies that she was plucked from the rose bush next to the prison door. Pearl is also seen as a form of the scarlet letter, a symbol of sin and its consequences, as well as a demon-child. At the governor’s home Dimmesdale…

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