The Scarlet Ibis Essay

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In The Scarlet Ibis, what evidence does the narrarator use to support his claim that Doodle was a burden in many ways?
Doodle was a burden because he really couldn't do a whole lot for himself. He was very weak and very dependent. The narrator had to take him with him wherever he went and he had to be careful with him at all times. He had a lot of restrictions when taking Doodle around with him. To a young boy, lugging his brother around with him wherever he went would become a nuisance."Daddy built him a go-cart and I had to pull him around. At first I just paraded him up and down the piazza, but then he started crying to be taken out into the yard, and it ended up by my having to lug him wherever I went. If I so much as picked up my
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Doodle was sensitive and compassionate, brave and loving. Nobody may have told Doodle he was "a disappointment" in those exact words, but he knew. Throughout his short life, Doodle tried with all his might to live up to his brother's unreasonable expectations of him.
Doodle's birth was difficult. He was physically misshapen with a big head and a shriveled body. His family expected him to die; his father made a coffin for him. His mother cried, saying that Doodle might not be "all there," meaning that he might be mentally impaired. At one point, Doodle's brother makes plans to kill him.
Today, Doodle would be diagnosed as a special needs child. His development was delayed. He didn't crawl until his third winter. At the age of five, he could not walk. Since Doodle's brother was embarrassed to have a brother start school without being able to walk, he set about teaching him to walk, pushing him very hard. This led to Doodle's tragic death at the end of the story.
Doodle was considered to be a disappointment when he was born because he was different. His family did not realize what a special gift he was to them.
What was one thing that Doodle could have done better for his brother?
The one thing that Doodle had that his brother didn't was compassion. He showed so much compassion for life in this story. That was the one thing Brother never really had. Everything he had Doodle work for was out of

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