The Scarlet Ibis By James Hurst Essay

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The Scarlet Ibis
My paper is on “The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst. This short story was published in 1960 by the Atlantic Monthly. James made this story to entertain his readers and to instill into their heads that no matter how bad something is it has worth. And that having to much pride can hurt others more than you know. And these themes will show in the middle and end of the short story when they see the Scarlet Ibis. This story has no factual connection to the life of James Hurst because he had no younger brother or younger brother born with a handicap.
James Hurst was born in October 8, 1922 in Jacksonville, North Carolina. He got interested in doing short stories in his spare time while he was working as a banker at the Chase Manhattan Bank in Manhattan, New York. James wrote short stories and small plays in small magazines around him that would publish them. He wrote many short stories and small plays but The Scarlet Ibis put all of them in it shadow and made them fade into the past to be unknown. However that is understandable because it was the only one of his works to win The Atlantic’s First Award for fiction in 1960.
During the Scarlet Ibis it is supposed to take place in the south in plantation lands in the late 1900’s. And it is also supposed to take place in the early stages of the United States of America joining into World War I. The Reasons why I say this is because in the beginning of the story it gives the setting of the place and says it takes place on…

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