Essay on The San Antonio De Valero Mission

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The San Antonio de Valero Mission, or better known as The Alamo was a mission founded in 1718 located in San Pedro Creek. It was designed to convert the local Native Americans to Christianity. In 1719, it was then relocated a short distance to the south of where it is currently located. In 1724 a storm destroyed the location making the mission have to relocate to its current location in San Antonio. This location was used as a church until 1793 when it was abandoned. The Spanish troops started to occupy this abandoned building using it as a fortress and renaming it the Alamo meaning “Cotton wood”. Stephen F Austin had written a letter instructing the Texans to form their own state against the Government in 1830. The Mexican government not happy with this, arrested Austin shortly after the letter was written. In 1835, The Texas Revolution began with the battle of Gonzales. This battle of Gonzales, between the Texans and the Democracy of Mexico resulted in the capture of the cities of Gonzales Goliad and San Antonio. The Battle of the Alamo was a 13-day siege fought from February 23 1836 to March 6 1836. On February 23 1836, General Santa Anna arrived with a large force of soldier and entered San Antonio. The Texans retreated to the Alamo where Coronal William B. Travis tried to get reinforcements from Gonzales. The Mexican army had two thousand men while there were only one hundred and eighty-seven soldiers and fifteen civilians inside the walls of the Alamo.…

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