Essay about The Salem Witch Trials On Innocent Women

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The Salem witch trials held in Salem Massachusetts began in late February 1692 lasting through April of 1693. These trials were based upon women who were accused of being witches, given unfair trials and therefore harming society. All told, this event became known as a tragedy as twenty-five people died, nineteen were executed by hanging, one was tortured to death, and at least five died in jail to due harsh conditions. Within this period of time, over one hundred sixty people where falsely accused, most were jailed, and many deprived of property and legal rights. Threating these innocent women to an unfair trial, nearly fifty people confessed to witchcraft knowing their chances of winning were slim to none. In October 1692, the governor, William Phips, ended the witchcraft trials and accusations were soon abated and eventually stopped. Jails where eventually cleared and by April 1693, the Salem witch trials had ended. The Puritans strict religious values and lack of scientific methods caused this great tragedy of Salem Massachusetts by placing the blame of witchcraft on innocent women.

The madness in this town was brought about due to ignorance, mistrust, and fear all caused by the Devils temptations and the strict theology that was placed among the Puritans. Their religion was based upon the belief that all humans were sinful and God is sovereign. Trying to keep their culture pure, the Puritans mainly focused on severe punishment and pain for those who sinned leading…

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