The Salem Witch Trials Of Salem Essay

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Men, women, two dogs, and even a four year old girl were accused of practicing witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. Some people were convicted and hung, while one person was even sentenced to death by stone. Many people were sent to jail to await their trials, so many that the jails soon became crowded. The lives of many people in the town of Salem were affected by the trials when about 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft, nineteen people were hung and one person was stoned to death.
The Salem Witch Trials began in early 1692, when two young girls, one the daughter of Reverend Samuel Parris and the other his niece, became strangely ill. Betty Parris, the Reverend’s daughter, and Abigail Williams, the Reverend’s niece, “began having fits, including violent contortions and uncontrollable outbursts of screaming”. The Reverend and some of the other local ministers tried to help the girls through prayer, but it didn’t work. The local doctor, William Griggs, was then called in to help the girls. His diagnosis was that the girls were bewitched (Salem Witch Trials). Shortly after the doctor’s diagnosis, Ann Putnam Jr., Elizabeth Hubbard, Mercy Lewis,

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Mary Walcott, and Mary Warren were also reported showing similar symptoms and afflictions. At the time, the symptoms these girls showed were seen as the Devil’s handywork, but the way these girls were acting could just as easily been the result of the boredom of the young girls.
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