Essay on The Safety Of Visiting Nurses

754 Words Jun 9th, 2015 4 Pages
“Is it safe for a nurse to be going into multiple peoples’ homes alone?” This question often arises in my clinical group. One would think that this question is asked often not only by visiting nurses but also the organizations sending these nurses out into their communities. Using multiple search engines such as CINAHL, Nursing and Allied Health, and Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition I found very little on the topic of safety of visiting nurses. It appears that this question is not asked nearly as much as I had anticipated. It was a struggle to find three articles on the topic, but it was nearly impossible to find recent articles on the topic. When I found that there were no other articles that were more recent, I decided to settle on what I was able to find. This is something that nurses must do all the time, work with the limited resources that they have available. Visiting nurses provide care for patients in their homes. It is beneficial for patients to receive home care because it is less costly than a hospital visit or stay and they will be more comfortable at home than in a hospital. Although this is a great resource for many people, these visiting nurses put themselves into danger every time they visit a patient. A danger different than that of hospital work arises in this field; nurses are alone and vulnerable to assault. When in the hospital setting assault is possible but there are always other people around to help. Visiting nursing is different because…

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