Essay about The Safety And Concern For The Health Of Sports Players

792 Words Mar 8th, 2016 4 Pages
The safety and concern for the health of sports players has taken the center stage of most discussions in sports. Particularly center stage, are those sports related injuries involving significant hits and blows to the head. Researchers have become very keen in the matters of concussions and are working on a way to solve the issue. Players, parents, fans, and the leagues themselves have taken on the responsibility to make sports safer. Concussions are now being studied more, new diseases are being found, and new safety precautions are taking place. Yet, many will argue that there is not enough being done. Like always, players are still being injured the same as they were in the past. The only major difference now is the way that the doctors on the fields treat these players. The National Football League is a great example of this. Most concussions people hear about today are those pertaining to football. From the youth football leagues all the way to the pros, concussions and safety precautions need to be reevaluated. After developing a background and effects of concussions in my research paper, the paper will focus on answering a few simple questions: Should concussions in football be taken more seriously, is their enough being done, and how is, or how could, the football leagues make it safer? The purpose of this research paper is to challenge people’s views. Like myself, many people have never really thought about the impacts of concussions. Many people just see them as…

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