Essay on The Rwanda Of The Rwandan Genocide

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The Rwandan Genocide As a result of being human there is no doubt in our everyday lives that we make mistakes. We fall into the temptation of peer pressure and result to bad decisions; we simply don’t think things through and see the effects of what could happen if we take the easy way and forget about something that leads to a horrific conclusion. Although when one look at Genocides, one has to think that too many people didn’t care enough to think the lives of others cautiously out. Hopefully the reason was not the result of peer pressure, making government officials look the other way on the lives of the Tutsis. The Rwanda Genocide, as the reason most genocides start, was mainly because political leaders abnegated the fact that this was about to happen. Nobody stood up for the Tutsi ethnicity and so the Hutu were able to massively kill the Tutsi with more ease than should ever be allowed when the knowledge of what is happening is all over the world.
Throughout our lives we like to think we do all we can to be good. We like to believe that we have good morals and our willing to stand up for anything because we aren’t afraid. These statements, for the most part, are apocryphal! The website article Genocide in Rwanda says that international leaders rejected what was going on and wouldn’t use any of their authority to save the Tutsis. American officials shunned the g-word; fearing the word would make Americans want something done for the Tutsi. The article shows the sad…

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