The Running Man By Stephen King Essay

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Religion is a way of life; it is the one aspect of life that has connected the races and societies of the world for many years. It has given meaning to lives. Religion teaches the people how to live their lives and become better humans. The Running Man, by Stephen King, takes place in the distant future when the United States has become a polluted dystopian wasteland, where the rich rule over the poor and the masses are entertained by game shows in which contestants compete for their lives. The society is in a dilemma because the people have lost their morals. In his novel The Running Man, King invites us to experience the corrupted future through the eyes of an unemployed factory worker, Ben Richards, who is struggling to make a living and support his family in the prejudiced society. Television has become a supreme power, and the people are turning away from religion, consequently having a great impact on the community 's morals, eventually leading to a society that fails to acknowledge humanity.
In The Running Man, television has become a tool for the Network to brainwash the public minds. The Network relies on shows of public entertainment, like "The Running Man", to distract their populaces. They are trying to pull the public 's attention away from society, making them ignorant. They want to pinpoint their attention into shows that will keep them away from public affairs. They want to push them away from religion and morals, making them become uncivilized.…

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