Essay on The Rubbish Tin. What Is This Short Story About?

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In the Rubbish Tin
What is this short story about?
This short story is about a family who is facing a big family problem which involves abuse and drugs. Some of these problems which I know happen in our society today. Roth (the father) and Ruth (the mother) have arguments almost every day and Roth always abuses Ruth. Sometimes, Roth will release all his anger on their poor daughter Phillipa by abusing her. When reading through the short story I picked up two main points which was family violence and abandonment. Family violence is clearly evident in the beginning of the story when Phillipa punches her doll “Chubby” and says “There, Chubby. That 's what you get. Just like what dad does." This clearly shows us that she learnt how to behave violently straight from how her father treats her and as I continue reading, it is told that Phillipa searches for food to feed Chubby. This shows us Phillipa’s mother, Ruth, didn’t always feed her so the least she could do was feed Chubby. As we can see, a change in character appears from Phillipa so it makes it a bit hard to understand what type of character Phillipa is. Yet, I believe Phillipa has shown these to different actions because she is still young and soft and she still has a long life ahead of her to make choices. Her mother, Ruth, is revealed as a useless mother. She knows that by buying less food, she could get into town at least three times a week. From what I know, a lot of parents who struggle use their children’s money to…

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