The Root Of All Evils Essay

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“Root of All Evils” When it comes to moral theories and everyday experiences, there is millions of things to write about. The experience that keeps popping up to mind has something to do with all areas of moral theory. Due to a mishap one evening, my life was turned upside down all due to common societies discriminations. A heated verbal argument between me and my spouse 7 years ago lead us both in handcuffs and DCF strolling my children away. Racial profiling, interracial couple, wrongful convictions, pregnancy and even a little sense of Kant’s way could be described in the event. As a young interracial couple with two children and 8 months pregnant, life was already tough. People seem to believe racism is distinct but in all actuality I faced it every day. The dirty looks, nasty comments and don’t let there be an argument with someone, or best believe the racist words are flying everywhere. We were just an ordinary couple on the street, so we thought. Every couple faces their differences and no one is perfect. This particular night we were facing money problems with thought of eviction and me being pregnant with hormones rising and fear of losing our home with children and a new one on the way, screaming is all that lead to and my fiancé leaving the house (like the right thing to do so we thought so things wouldn’t escalate) slamming the door and the little window had broken.
15 minutes or so goes by, after calming down, my oldest child, whom was in his room with his…

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