The Romans Were Many Values They Lived Essays

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The Romans had many values they lived by. The ones the embodied the Roman citizens included living in a city based upon reason and law. There was no citizen that was above the law and everyone was civilized. The community is based on fellowship. Citizens should know one another 's name, share common joys and sorrows, have common ambitions and fears, and everyone should protect and care for each individual. As we know, self-actualization is one of the highest levels we can reach. By caring and giving to others, it shows they strived to do better than just that. The plebians and patricians were very distinct, different groups. The plebians were the working class. The patricians were the Roman Senate. The plebians made up much of the Roman army, and they felt that they were sacrificing their lives only to make the patricians richer. They were denied political input while the Republic was in power. They were sick of dealing with these atrocities and did something about it. The plebians finally decided to exert their power and went on strike. The plebian power soon found a way to extract further concessions from the patricians. They got the laws to be posted all over the city if Rome for everyone to see what they really were. The plebians had awful living conditions. They lived in poorly kept apartment buildings nearly six storied tall. The landlords packed as many people as they could into the wooden buildings running the risk of collapsing and starting on fire. It was a…

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