The Roman Military During Time Of War Essay

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The Roman Military The Roman Empire was arguably one of the most technologically advanced powers of all time. The feats they accomplished with the technology they had was mind blowing, and today we are still trying to figure out how they accomplished everything. The Roman Military is one example of this point, from the incredible machinery to the quick witted tactics during time of war, the Romans were the rulers of the world. They revolutionized how a military is operated and how to manage it correctly.

The Romans put emphasis on their military power, they were a military run empire, much like the U.S. They trained their soldier’s hard day in and day out, pounding teamwork into their practice sessions. Before Soldiers would even touch a weapon, they would spend months with their unit marching. Order was an important part of the Roman Military, and the Famous general Cesar once said: “It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.” Patience was the key to Roman tactics, never rush the enemy, always be three steps in front of your enemy, and most importantly prevail for glory. Once soldiers were satisfactory with marching, they would be allowed to pick up weapons and spar with others in their unit. They were given wooden weapons that were twice as heavy as the weapons they would carry in battle, the reason being the Romans wanted to build up their soldier’s strength. The goal of this training was for…

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