Men Stereotypes

This week in chapter four I really liked the section about dominance and how men are perceived to dominate more than women. I never thought about the stereotype of women interrupting more than men, but in reality it’s men who interrupt more especially if it involves him attaining more power when he interrupts. Thinking back on past experiences, this seems to be fairly true. Women are more likely to interrupt when around other women; however, when women are around men, men seem to dominate the conversation and ignore what the women have to say. Just like the dominating conversations, men tend to dominate in many other areas as well. Everywhere in society men are usually the one in charge whether that be something as small as conversations or …show more content…
It says that “even without children and being unmarried, participants still emphasized how their prominent role in the household tax their work commitments and vice versa… This meant that they had to neglect aspects of one in order to focus on the other.” Women still have the stereotypes in society of being the primary caregiver of the household leaving men to get ahead in their work force. Although society is slowly trying to make caregiving and business owning gender neutral it is still not completely equal. As a woman, I too feel the responsibility of needing to be the primary care giver of my future family. However, as an aspiring doctor I know it will be very difficult to balance a family and a job, meaning I would have to sacrifice one for the other. As a man they can usually have their wife worry about the kids while they stay late at work and get the promotions. As a woman if I did this I would feel that I was neglecting my duties as a woman to care for my family. The work force is a tough place to change because so many women, including myself find it difficult to put their career before family; thus, allowing men to stay ahead in the workforce. However, I do believe that women who choose to have a higher career such as a doctor or lawyer should be respected just as much as man is and not looked down upon for any

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