The Roles Of Families Have Changed Over The Last Eighty Plus Years

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The chance to examine how my family has reacted as the roles of families have changed over the last eighty plus years could not be passed up. Having a mother who lived as a child during the depression, a young teen during World War II, a young wife, and mother during the 1950’s offer a point of comparison to the future women who followed. Next, seeing how my wife lived during the redefining roles of families in the 1970’s thru the 1980’s and the acceptance of women in new roles. Then lastly, how a daughter who is now faced with perhaps some of the greatest challenges facing the family in generations as society redefines the definition of the family. By looking at the lives of these three women how the roles of family have changed will be observed. Along with how they have adjusted to the changes in society.
Contrast the three oral interviews When considering whom to interview, selecting three women that have had a major impact on my life was easy. Not only is MayBelle Davis Larson the oldest living relative in our family, she is also my mother. She was born on June 25, 1932, in Polk City, Polk, Iowa. Since she has experienced the events first hand, which have been discussed in this course of study, her insight has been helpful in seeing how our family has been affected since her birth. Then most significant woman in my life has been my wife. No interview would be complete without understand how she has influence both my life and that of our children. Ellen Janet Gasser…

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