'Female Empowerment In Alecia Moore's Stupid Girls'

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Alecia Moore, better known for her stage name as P!nk is an outspoken singer and songwriter who believes that the beauty is in our differences and women need express that more. Her music speaks on female empowerment and she has a strong feminism side to it all shown through her music videos and sung through her lyrics. A feminist is a women who believes that she should be treated just as equally to men and not considered any less. Her fashion statement as well is bold enough to show that she is a strong willing women who believes in feminism. P!nk wants women to not only fit in with society and feel comfortable with themselves but feel that they’re just as equal to men. P!nk is a feminist.
Since 1999 Alecia has written music that mainly speaks
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In the video a satanic p!nk sits on her right shoulder and on her left shoulder sits an angel. The satanic p!nk wants the girl to follow the traditional gender roles while the p!nk angel wants her to be courageous and ambitious. This whole music video portrays female empowerment and supports it by using the metaphor of the angel and devil. She has a great influence for women to break the traditional roles in society and in the music video her attire at certain points displays a side of masculinity. She wants everyone to realize that we are capable of accomplishing the same goals as men and should not be treated any differently. At the end of the music video the little girl that was watching t.v shows her true colors and breaks the traditional side of being a girl and just playing with barbie dolls and she goes outside to play …show more content…
P!nk is a true feminist that embraces the label, she simply says what she’s thinking all the time and dresses how she wants. She is a woman that wears dresses and puts on makeup but she also has a buff body and a bold haircut that gives her the confidence to say that she can be who she wants to be and won’t care what anybody else thinks. P!nk wants every women to be confident and not let anyone bring them down and break the traditional roles that society has brought upon

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