The Role Of Women During The American Revolution Essay

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The American Revolution was a radical time in history that was best characterized by the efforts of the zealous patriots of the colonies; this included both men and women. The role of women in society is often neglected in historical accounts, and the Revolutionary War is no exception to this precedent. Women were indeed, directly involved with and impacted by the events leading up to and during the war in the colonies. In regards to the domestic life of women during this critical time, the daily-life of women was forever altered by the historic event that was occurring around them. An exemplary woman figure would be Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams and Mother of John Quincy Adams.
Although Abigail Adams was directly involved in the politics of the day with her connection to her husband John Adams, her most important contribution can be seen in her care of her family. Her involvement in both politics and domestic affairs sets her apart as the ideal candidate to represent the paradigm of the representative female population of the epoch. The true impact that women had on the Revolutionary War during the eighteenth century can best be discovered through a thorough evaluation of the life of Abigail Adams in the period of 1776-1781. Abigail Adams’ educated and determined beliefs are archetypal of those of other women during this time, but her access and connection to high-ranking political officials allowed her thoughts to be conveyed and adhered to in the political realm. For…

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