The Role Of Western And Western Countries Essay

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With the reform and opening up in China, more and more foreign companies swarm into Chinese market for its cheap labour prices, rich resources and high market potentials. Some of these multinational companies chose to solely invest in Chinese market, while some took the way of joint venture, while others stepped into the market by franchising. But no mater which path did they take, they all have one goal, that is to win profits and grab the market share in China. Especially in recent 10 years, the market space of western countries has been shrinking, while in the opposite, developing countries like China have been showing the powerful momentum of economic development. The door of Chiese market was gradually opened for multinational companies. However, the risk of entering Chinese market should not be underestimated, since there are huge cultural differences between western and eastern countries. It’s important for foreign companies to know well of the specific social and economical environment and consumer behavior in China. In the same time, the vast of Chinese domestic enterprises are growing stronger. While multinational enterprises have advanced techniques, well-established managing system, abundant operating experience and rich capital, Chinese domestic enterprises are more familiar with the local culture, and embrace the strong passion of doing business, and acquire more information of the market. These two parties all play vital roles in promoting the social and…

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