The Role Of US Involvement In WWII

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America was a latecomer to join World War 2, they joined the war in December, 1941 after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. They decided to join because they were the only hope to defeat Germany and Japan. The U.S President was unsure if he wanted America to join the war but he did know that the conflict threatened U.S security. The article “U.S Entry and Alliance” from said, “The desire to avoid foreign entanglements and focus on domestic issues was widespread.” This backs up the fact that even though the U.S was threatened many people did not want take part in the war because they wanted peace. Next of all, as the U.S was watching the war take place they saw that Germany was occupying most of Europe and Japan was attacking Asia. “U.S Involvement in WW2” written by Anne Frank Guide mentions, “Gradually a successful German military campaign turned into a disaster.” As you can see, United States saw that Germany was taking everything over but if U.S would not participate then Germany would take everything else over. Later, the U.S made the final decision to take action in the war because Japan bombed Pearl …show more content…
“World War 2” written by said, “The United States of America was forced to emerge from years of isolationism and enter the worst conflict in world history.” Therefore, America chose to take part of World War 2 because of many events leading up to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and after the

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