The Role Of The Church Essay

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The role of the church
The church plays a big role in salvation because without the church there would be Docetism. The church is the community of God’s children, which is essential for salvation. Whether the community is together in fellowship, as a congregation, or during global ministry, each avenue leads people to salvation. In 7.1 of The Christian Theology Reader it states, “For Irenaeus, the gospel had been corrupted by those outside the church; in order to be assured of the integrity of the Christian proclaimed the apostolic preaching.” This quote emphasizes that the preaching of the gospel is important to its listeners and leads them to spiritual growth, proving that the church plays a necessary role in salvation. The essential church as I understand it has a leader, is a place to gather for worship, offers sacraments, the holy Spirit is active, the Holy Bible is present, preaching is being done, prayer is implemented, compassion is given, and the community is involved. In The Christian Theology Reader 7.16 text, “This text takes up the Reformation idea that the church is the community which is brought into being by the word of God, and is sustained by teaching and preaching.” This quote emphasizes the importance of the Holy Bible and preaching was done in representation of the church. The church is understood as an essential part of God’s work of redemption in our lives. Marriage is an example that I will use to illustrate the importance of the church in…

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