The Role Of Sport Sociology On The Academic Success And Livelihood Of Their Student Athletes

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Sports Sociology is the study and interpretation of what role sport plays in society. It’s a discussion of the good things as well of the bad things that come with sport. Although it is important to recognize the positives of sport I believe the most significant role of sport sociology is establish the negatives, so society recognizes what the problems are so that they can be stopped and/or turned around into a positive. As this research topic is introduced and discussed, it’s important to realize that the purpose of this topic is to recognize what I believe to be a problem, so that it can be mended in order to improve the perception of sport. I believe there is an issue with universities and the athletic department’s mindset towards the academic success and livelihood of their student athletes. Higher education programs and governing bodies don’t provide have enough concern of the athlete’s education and livelihood when concerning: encouraging the enrollment of ‘easy’ or ‘fake’ classes, purposely changing grades, eligibility requirements, and admission standards.
It is important to consider the limitations when reading and thinking about the mentioned topics. I believe the main consideration is there was no personal research done about surveying individual athletes for this paper. All the research comes from research and personal opinion articles done by previous articles. It is also key to consider the fact that most of the research I found was…

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