The Role Of Socialization Of A Child Essay

1132 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
Socialization plays a huge role in an individual’s life, especially in the early years. Family, friends, teachers and the community surrounding the individual will dictate the information that they are exposed to and the opportunities they have. This paired with gender, race and socioeconomic status can create a huge advantage or disadvantage for someone early in life. Socialization of a child affects all aspects of their life, including what they consider normal or deviant. Actions and values that are promoted by family and friends are often considered “normal” to a child even if it is detrimental to them or others. On the other hand, actions or values that are rejected or the child is disciplined for become deviant in their mind (Baumrind, 1966). My social network as a child encouraged higher education, Christianity, and strict gender roles as normal, while teaching that psychological disorders were deviant. The demographic of the town I grew up in and of my family was the same and that affected my socialization drastically. For my entire life, I grew up in Richland, Washington. Richland is located in central southern Washington, about an hour from the Oregon boarder. Currently Richland is 84.33% Caucasian and 15% African American, Asian and Hispanic ( and the median income is $67,000 ( My nuclear and extended family is all Caucasian, upper middle class individuals with college education, and I was always encouraged to strive for the same…

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