The Criminal Justice System: A Case Study

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The Police Service remains a pivotal agency within the criminal justice system ever since it was formed. As criminal activity rose in the 19th century, a response was required in order to safeguard society. As a result the Metropolitan Police Act was established on the 29th September 1829. Home secretary Sir Robert Peel 's goal was indeed to promote the need for reform elsewhere in the country. Preventing crime was the reason why a huge amount of 895 constables were introduced in London. It meant that the state had legitimate use of force within its territorial borders, in this case the police force. Max Webber referred to this as "Legitimate Violence" Heywood (2011).The responsibility of the police force was to maintain law and order at an …show more content…
This is due to the Multi agency working within the criminal justice system. The Crime and Disorder Act 1998, indicates that reducing crime is not the sole responsibility of the police. Rather it is an equal obligation for local authorities. For example Youth Offending Teams attempt to tackle recidivism and re-offending by sharing such information with other agencies. Most notably police officers and social workers. The police force however has massive influence on victims. The Marshall pyramid Newburn (2013), is a way in which restores offenders, victims and community. The Marshall pyramid is effective in illustrating the relationship between the offender, victim and community. The restorative Justice process involves concerns regarding the victim mostly. Many police forces provide this unique way of justice. Both the offender and victim come across the impact of restorative justice. In regards to the victim, it allows for an apology from the offender and to find out why the crime was committed. The process presents to the wider community that offenders are facing up to their individual actions. At best it can also result in the criminal to stop their criminal behavior. Furthermore the impact it has on the offender is influential. It is gathered that there is a 27% reduction of the rate of re-offending once restorative justice is complete. ( 2014). However the police service in recent times has been criticized for having a disregard for victims. Latest figures in relation to events in Rotherham, show how the police have failed to record crimes against children effectively. This has led to a domino effect to some extent, whereby other ordinary victims look to supplementary sources of help such as local Mps. On the other hand the police also work within multi agency teams for instance IMPACT. This helps to manage suspicious criminals that are

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