Analysis Of The Prosecutorial System In The Kerman Story

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i) The prosecutorial system is excessive
From the Kerman story, I have no doubt the US prosecutorial system is very excessive as the system been taken way too far. It is noted that the system has been growing out of control without any sort of serious thought, vision or clear sense of purpose for the inmates. The system is inefficient, very costly and destructive as depicted in the book. The system is said to deprive many individuals of chances or opportunities because those resources directed to prison would be directed to a better course: construction and maintenance of schools, health care facilities, drug rehabilitation centers.
It is also conceived that instead of the system bringing about measures to curb crime, it is at the center of
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It is also worth noting that that most women in prison as depicted by the author in Orange is the new Black are likely to have been victims of assault and violence either in their current lives or throughout their entire lives. Such people need a compassionate approach to make them feel appreciated by the society or community as a …show more content…
She wonders if those women will ever make it in the outside world. She notes that almost eighty percent of the women convicts in the U.S. prisons have children, but when they leave, with just the clothes on their weary bodies and a few dollars earned through slave wages, without jobs or houses to live in, what kind of life will they lead and what kind of parenting will they offer their children? The pre-release classes do not prepare inmates on how to survive beyond the prison walls. There is waste on human potential as the inmates are not given purpose for their being in prison. For that reason, most prisoners end up behind bars barely a short term after being released from jail. Basically, Orange is the new Black is a book that Kerman uses as an eye opener for the people who have no idea of what life for the inmates is like. She use this books as a platform to talk about the prison system and its shortcomings, paving way for the need to look into the issue and come up with necessary measures to make the correction facility or institution worth the name

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