The Role of Management in Managing Organizational Change a Comparative Review

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Portfolio item 1 –A comparative literature review
This is worth 30% of your module
The following learning outcomes are assessed:
1. A critical appreciation of the nature of research and the goals of academic reading, information searching and communication.
2 A critical appreciation of the clarity, scientific approach and structure of academic writing.

This item will allow you to get feedback on skills that you need to help with the Research Plan in Portfolio item 2.

You are required to do a comparative literature review of the following topics (you may need to customise the title to include the domain)

Choose one of the following topics on which to do a comparative literature review (word limit
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You can state hypotheses as well. | 1 c What are the key concepts? | This will come from their review of the literature. What are the main ideas/ constructs?. | 1 dWhat methods will be used? | This is very important. Describe, justify and explain the design of any research instruments they used to collect the data. | 1 e What answers are likely to presented? | Write a summary of the findings | 1 f What is the contribution of this work? | How novel is this? Is this an extension of another researcher’s work but in a different context/ country/system? How could it be developed further. |

Table 1 gives the main criteria for each section, the relative weightings and suggested word limits.

Table 1 Comparative Review structure Introduction 20% (about 200 words) | This section introduces your overall topic. You should establish the significance of the topic/subject and identify the main problem/issue/theory that you will focus on. | Body 70% (1400-1600 words) | You will develop a systematic argument about the similarities and differences between the papers and write a discussion of the central issues. In particular: * Use your sources to support a particular point * Establish what comparison you are going to establish in the review * Avoid a "black and white", right/wrong type of judgement of the positions of your review. | Conclusion 10%(about 200 words) | This is a summary of the respective merits of the various

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