The Role Of Jackie Robinson In Baseball

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Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play baseball in the major leagues for the brooklyn dodgers . He made history for that because only whites were only able to play. It was a tough life for him because he was always getting insulted because of his color.
But he was also inspired for that because it took a lot of courage to take those insults. which led to African Americans questioning separate but .
Although, African Americans disagreed with separate but equal and embraced interaction. Ever since Jackie started playing baseball the crowd was filled with african americans. Jackie Robinson’s manager Ricky Branch told Jackie to take all the critiques and not fight back. Which got Jackie really mad but he learned to deal with it for the sake of his career.
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For two years Jackie had to deal with receiving racism from other people,hate mail, and death threats.Over in 1949 it finally got to him and outbursts his emotional and political le silence. So what Jackie did was traveled to ballparks, city’s, and places where other

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