The Role Of Identification Enhances Social Responsibility And Concord

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The Role Identification Enhances Social Responsibility and Concord Most societies, especially in the current century, have lost control to identify social responsibility for each of its members accurately. An ideal community comprises of different people with different roles. Every person is required to fulfill his or her role properly, and this could enhance social integration and progress. A city that holds close accord is the one whose members fulfill their roles adequately. Johnson, in his work “The Myth of the Ant Queen,” describes how ant colonies live in self-organized systems, and how this could apply to the human society. The word “Queen” associated with ant colonies means a leader in the human race, but it has an entirely different meaning in the ant colonies which has a self-organization insinuation. Ants work together in a very organized way, and this is a reflection of respecting one another in the colony. On the other hand, John Twenge, in her article “An Army of One: Me,” argues how the phrase “self-love” has conquered the ‘we’ mind states that invested in social togetherness. Therefore, it is safe to say that Generation Me, according to Twenge, is more concerned about their self-esteem rather than community communion while Johnson’s account shows that members of Generation Me have the potential to build greater community spirit, a contradiction of Twenge’s view. Johnson’s description of how a society can achieve self-organization complicates the…

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