Essay The Role Of History And Its Impact On Society

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The importance of history can be easily overlooked because today’s fast paced society is focused on the future, on what comes next, on what is planned for tomorrow. History has much value and can even give some insight on what will happen in the future. When looking into the history of psychology it is apparent that much transformation took place. After the formal beginnings of modern psychology different ideas began to transform into various schools of thought. They began with the study of the conscious with structuralism and functionalism then moved onto the unconscious with psychoanalysis. Soon the mind was not the center of concentration, the research expanded to behavior with behaviorism and gestalt psychology offered a deeper look into perception. These schools of thought have transformed psychology into the science that is known today and has encouraged other psychologists to create a school of thought that aims to address important issues relevant in today’s society. The beginning of modern psychology started with William Wundt and his Voluntarism. Wundt was the first man to establish psychology as an academic discipline by introducing science to psychology, and creating the first laboratory dedicated to study the mind. His ideas about consciousness and his use of introspection inspired his students to perform experimentation of their own, but one student in particular Edward Bradford Titchener saw Wundt’s work as an opportunity. Titchener took Wundt’s ideas to…

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