The Role Of Governmental Agencies And Its Effect On The Healthcare Industry

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A governmental agency is a public authority in control for exercising independent authority over human’s action in a controlling or managing capacity. An independent regulatory agency is a regulatory agency that is independent of other branches of the government. The governing of health care plays a big and important role in the management of medical organizations. Within the range of laws and all health agencies with its tasks and all health organizations follow one of these agencies and their laws. . This paper attempts to explain the role of governmental agencies and its effect on the healthcare industry. Provide examples and an analysis of laws and regulations currently facing the industry with the effects on health care providers. Ways that effect in the life or the community. Regulation involves rules that must be followed, all organizations must meet specific standards. The task of any healthcare agency is to control laws and ensure that all organizations are providing good services for patients and the workforce in the health field. They also make sure not to violate any law and control of private organizations under the laws of agencies. High-quality care has rare mistakes and less damage than low-quality care. Patient safety improvement is the quality that is focused on reducing or mutilate the lower tail of the quality distribution. Each type of improvement is needed, and both develop the safety for patients, but their focus is different (Rebecca N.…

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