The Role Of Fathers Throughout The Lives Of Black Women Of Achievement By Charles Willie And Jolene Lane

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In the article The Role of Fathers in the Lives of Black Women of Achievement by Charles Willie and Jolene Lane, there was a main thesis that was presented throughout the article and that thesis was that there is some correlation with fathers playing a role in their daughters lives and their success rate in the professional lives. Both Willie and Lane wanted to show the readers that daughters who were raised with their fathers playing a vital role in their lives were more likely to be successful in college and in their careers. The main point the authors are showing is that women who have their fathers as mentors are more likely to be successful as opposed to women who do not have positive male influences in their lives. Willie an Lane show that a good positive male influence in a women’s life can really dictate how she performs and excels in the her professional life. The authors decided to support their thesis by giving real life examples of how successful women have been who have their fathers as positive mentors in their lives. The authors looked over several white women as well as black women and how they became successful in their careers. The women they examined thanked their fathers for being in their lives and serving as role models for them. I feel that the authors used the appropriate methods because as a reader I feel that the exampled of the women examined needed to be relatable, so that we could correlate their success with real situations. Many of the women…

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