African American Neighborhood

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The reason of this historical investigation is to answer the following question: Why are more African Americans attracted to the Chatham area and succeed within this area? African Americans have been found in this neighborhood due to many factors: low income, low employment rate, and selling houses at low rates. Chatham neighborhood consist of African Americans in the middle-class status. To reach a result of this conflict, I will focus on African Americans success and reasons of being in this area. Chatham is the neighborhood to be discussed because I am not familiar with it and it is located near me. Extended research should be done to understand why only African Americans are attracted to this neighborhood. A possible solution should be …show more content…
The article also discusses what African Americans do within their community: “The continued failure of the nation to address directly the problem of underutilization of the talents and creativity of the minority community will escalate in magnitude and become an increasing drain on the nation’s wealth”(Domina 136). Minorities have made a big impact on society by being managers of great companies. African Americans have put much effort in their business and our not recognized for it. People own banks and are really invested into the economic world. This contradicts the theory that non successful people come from Chicago. Successful people can come from anywhere and be very successful-even African …show more content…
This is a great method to use to see if people will like to reside in this certain place. This does not establish this neighborhood as bad one but just poverished of things that other neighborhoods have. The founders also looked deeply in Chatham and pointed out the weaknesses in it. The issues are all true with a African American neighborhood and it is sad to be categorized that way. This explains the status of the area Chatham.
People migrate from many places and come to settle in Chicago. African Americans and Caucasians. Caucasians were the first to reside in Chatham then it was African Americans. The two races were soon to depart from each other due to cultural differences. These two races both stood in the middle class but one thought one would destroy the other. Caucasians decided to move to a different neighborhood where they can be alone. The African Americans were alone in Chatham and was maintaining their success. Chatham started to fail and become a poor neighborhood filled with

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